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The Benefits of Dental Air Abrasion

The Benefits of Dental Air Abrasion

Air abrasion is a dental technique that is used in place of a dental drill in some procedures. Here, our Etobicoke dentists share information about air abrasion and its benefits.

What is air abrasion?

Air abrasion, also known as microabrasion or kinetic cavity preparation, is a drill-less dental technique that uses a hand-held device to forcefully blow aluminum oxide, silica, or other particles from the tip, creating a sandblasting action.

Why is it used?

Air abrasion is a non-invasive technique with many uses, including the removal of decay or discolouration. It offers numerous benefits, especially for children or patients who are anxious or dislike the dental drill.

Benefits of Using Air Abrasion

  • Preserves more healthy tooth surface
  • Doesn't create any pressure, heat or vibration
  • Air abrasion is quiet, which helps to calm nervous or anxious patients
  • A simple, non-invasive technique
  • May require no anesthesia or needles (depending on the procedure)
  • Reduced chances of chipping or fracturing teeth

What can air abrasion be used for?

  • Preparing the surface of teeth for other procedures, such as composite "white" fillings, bonding, sealants, and cosmetic surgery
  • Improving stained or discoloured teeth
  • Removing small cavities from the surface of teeth
  • Repairing of cracks, old fillings, sealants, and damaged bridges and crowns
  • Removal of current restorations to prepare your teeth for new ones

Is it safe?

Yes, air abrasion procedures are very safe. Your dentist will ensure you have proper eye protection and either a rubber dam or other way to protect the areas of your mouth not being treated. There is a suction action that prevents any of the particles from passing through your mouth into your lungs.

While air abrasion is a good option for patients who don't like dental drills or are nervous about needles, it isn't an alternative for all treatments. Speak with your dentist to see if air abrasion is a possibility for your next procedure.

To learn more about air abrasion dentistry, or to request an appointment, contact our Etobicoke dentists at Royal York Dental.

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