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Pediatric Dentist in Etobicoke

Royal York Dental is Etobicoke's Family Dentist. We know that maintaining your child's oral health is important which is why we offer convenient children's dentistry in Etobicoke.

Royal Care for Your Children's Smiles

You can trust the family-friendly team at Royal York Dentistry to provide your child a positive experience at the dentist.

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Family Appointment Booking

At Royal York Dental, we know that visiting the dentist is a family event, and we want it to be pleasant and relaxing for all. We offer family member appointment bookings simultaneously to provide convenient services.

Some parents like to test things out by sending one of the children. We're happy to do that for you. As Toronto family dentists for children, we'll make sure your children's dental care is a pleasant experience.

We welcome the opportunity to meet you and provide a tour of our practice.

We offer a Free & Easy No-Obligation First Visit to introduce you to our team of dentists for children.

Our Family-Friendly Office

Our friendly and dedicated team of dentists, dental hygienists, assistants and administration focus on delivering services in a convenient and comfortable space.

We are a child-friendly, family dental office and even offer a children's play room that includes a hi-def TV with movies, and a PlayStation3 to keep kids entertained!

Sedation for Children

If your child appears anxious, sedation for dentistry can be an option to help ease their anxiety. To help your child relax, we can either give them oral sedation to take before their appointment, or use nitrous-oxide gas during their appointment.

We usually recommend the nitrous oxide for children's dental care as it wears off once their appointment is finished.

Children's Services

When should my child start visiting the dentist?

We recommend that your child visit the dentist at the first sign of a tooth, or on their first birthday. We may not need to see them again until the rest of their teeth come in around age three.

Bringing them in for an initial visit will help us diagnose any potential issues.

How often should my child visit the dentist?

Just like you, we recommend that your child visit us every six months for a routine check up and hygiene cleaning.

Your dentist may recommend more visits depending on your child's oral health care needs.

Featured Services

Royal York Dental located on Toronto on Bloor St. W offers a comprehensive range of dentistry services for children, adults, and seniors.

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