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Custom Mouth & Night Guards

Mouth guards are important to protect your teeth during sports and activities. At Royal York Dental, we offer sports mouth guards for children and adults. 

What is a Mouth Guard?

A mouth guard is a custom tray made by your dentist to fit over your teeth to protect them from injury or trauma during sports and contact activities. It creates a barrier between the upper and lower teeth to keep your teeth safe.

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Who needs a mouth guard?

Anyone taking part in a contact sport or activity can benefit from a mouth guard. We offer mouth guard services for patients as young as 5 years old.

Why need a mouth guard?

Most often used in contact sports, like hockey and football, mouth guards are also a good idea for any sport where there's a chance that your face will come into contact with another person or object, like in soccer and gymnastics.

If you get hit in the mouth, a mouth guard acts like a cushion that absorbs the impact more evenly, preventing injuries such as chipped or broken teeth and cuts to the lips and gums.

How do we make mouth guards?

At Royal York Dental, we make mouth guards that are custom to your smile. Using impression of your teeth, our dentists will create a customized mouth guard to help ensure a secure, comfortable fit just for you.

What is a mouth guard clinic?

As part of our community involvement, we visit some hockey teams to provide them with "mouth guard clinics" to help ensure they all have a fun and safe time when it comes to maintaining their smiles.

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