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Bite Guards

At Royal York Dental in Etobicoke, we offer bite guards for patients who are experiencing headaches or sore and stiff jaws that may be caused by teeth grinding or clenching. 

What is a Bite Guard?

A bite guard is a custom-made tray that fits over your teeth, to be worn during sleep. It can help protect the teeth from the effects of grinding (bruxism), and help to prevent and treat jaw joint pain and discomfort. 

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Bruxism, also known as night teeth grinding, can lead to:

  • sore, stiff jaw muscles
  • earache or headache, particularly in the morning
  • clicking or tenderness of the jaw joints
  • difficulty opening and closing your mouth
  • difficulty chewing
  • neck and shoulder pain

How do you treat bruxism?

The first step in handling bruxism is awareness. Understanding the source of this pain is important for both you and your dentist.

The next step is to relieve symptoms. The muscles can be stretched and relaxed with certain exercises. Your dentist may recommend pain medication along with a bite guard to help relieve symptoms.

The bite guard, also known as splint therapy, is designed to help you break the cycle of teeth clenching and grinding.

How do bite guards work?

A bite guard (also called a night guard) helps by propping open your bite and protecting your teeth from direct wear. Any grinding will wear down the appliance instead of your teeth.

What types of bite guards do you offer?

NTI Guard

The NTI guard has the ability to work against clenching and grinding by triggering a protective reflex that stops muscle activity when only the front teeth are touching each other. For many people, this can offer immediate and profound relief.

The NTI device does not work for everyone. Those who still grind with this appliance can begin exerting pressure to the TMJ area and develop sore joints. Ask your dentist what bite guard is best suited for you.

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